Laird Connectivity

Video type

Explainer Video



Laird Connectivity simplifies the rapid integration of wireless technologies with market-leading wireless modules and antennas, integrated sensor and gateway platforms, and customer-specific wireless solutions. We produced an animated explainer video for them that incorporated 3d product renderings and actual product shots integrated with 2d animation to illustrate the different use-cases and industries where their products are being used.

The Challenge

When you offer a wide range of solutions, it can be hard to explain what exactly your company does. A short & informative video can help explain most of what you have to offer and quickly touch upon the key benefits & use-cases you wish to communicate to your audience. Keeping this in mind, Laird Connect asked us to create an Explainer video that integrates 3d renderings of their physical product in addition to using graphics & animation to explain the benefits and use-cases of their technology solutions.


Users signed up and using the product


Individual teams, including corporations, small businesses, and non-profits


Time zones represented across the world (yes—there are more than 24!)


We started the process by leveraging existing CAD files provided by the team at Laird Connect and adding animated elements around the 3d renders to make them come to life and highlight certain aspects of the product. By creating initial style-frames we were able to land on a look and feel that would not only incorporate their brand color but would also help tie in the different animation styles used throughout the video. Video allows you to be much more creative in how you explain things and this video is a great example of how we managed to achieve that without using much text in the video. A new study from SweetIQ recently revealed that people prefer video to written content. Why? Research shows that seeing something is easier to understand than reading. It’s eye-catching, memorable, and more fun.

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