Our Animation Process

When it comes to animation, having a clear process is key.
At Push Collaborative, we break our animation process down into 5 phases:


Script Writing and Voiceover Recording

Whether you have your own video script ready to go or you need help developing one, getting your script in shape is the first and most critical step of the process. We will ask you to fill out a Questionnaire to fully understand what you’re trying to communicate, and then work with you on successive rounds of drafting until we’ve got a final version that’s just right. After that, you can choose from our selection of professional voiceover artists to find the right tone for your video.


Sketch Storyboard

Once we have your approval on the script, we will begin work on the visuals by creating sketches that show the progression of scenes in your video. We also create a written “treatment” that describes what will happen in each scene, all synced up with the voiceover. This gives you a chance to see the visual outline of your animated video, and lets us brainstorm together how to structure the overall flow so it helps communicate the message we crafted in the scripting stage. It’s easier to make changes at this stage rather than down the line, so this is the time to get your vision down on paper.


Graphical Storyboard

Once we have your approval on the sketches, we will then create fully graphically illustrated in accordance with your brand guidelines and draw upon any videos you cited for stylistic inspiration. These frames will show you exactly how your video will look, and give you a clear image of how your final video will appear.



Once you sign off the Graphical Storyboard, it's time to bring the stills to life through animation synced to the voiceover. Unfortunately, animation is not a quick process and this step may take several weeks to complete, depending on the length of your video. With thoughtful planning in the previous steps, however, the animation process will be a fun and gratifying time as you see your video finally takes shape.


Music & Sound Effects (SFX)

Typically, we’re not creating silent explainer videos. For your video to truly captivate your audience, it needs sound! This generally means a well-chosen music track, as well as certain specific sound effects (if appropriate).