The Challenge

Specialty pharmacy is a complicated industry with lots of moving parts. Patients are confused about how it works, which means they don't always get the most out of their insurance benefits.

Specialty pharmacies offer a huge benefit to patients, but they can be confusing. Most people have no idea how a specialty pharmacy works and this is a very big problem for the industry. Patients who use specialty pharmacies spend more time on hold with their insurance companies, which can lead to delays in getting medication. This has led some patients to question whether using a specialty pharmacy is worth the hassle. Many people who would benefit from these services still aren't using them because they're not sure what to expect when going through the process of getting their prescription filled.


Users signed up and using the product


Individual teams, including corporations, small businesses, and non-profits


Time zones represented across the world (yes—there are more than 24!)


Our animated video walks patients through the process from start to finish in an easy-to-follow way that makes sense for everyone involved.

We combined a powerful script with thoughtful graphics and friendly characters so that patients could relate to the video and clearly understand all of the steps involved in the process. This way potential customers will know exactly what they're getting into before signing up with Biomatrix. The video goes over everything from why specialty pharmacies exist, how they fill prescriptions as well as what is needed by your insurance to fulfill such prescriptions. The video is also a great tool for doctors who want to explain their program to patients during new patient visits or current patients who have questions about how it works. Healthcare videos are a powerful way to communicate with patients and their families. They offer a more personal touch – Animated videos have the ability to connect on a much deeper level than traditional video advertising because they use aspects of our memories and imagination rather than just facts and figures. Because animated videos are often shorter, they're easier for viewers to watch from start-to-finish without getting bored halfway through the message.

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