The Challenge

Video ads are becoming increasingly boring to watch. This is because they typically use generic content and lack motion graphics or animation that can be easily ignored by the viewer.

We were asked by Acton Toyota to create a short & dynamic animated video that communicates what customers can expect when leasing or buying a car from Acton Toyota. Animation is a powerful storytelling tool that can be used to convey an idea or message quickly and efficiently. In recent years, the use of motion graphics in tv ads has been on the rise as marketers turn to creative ways to tell their story. Animation helps bring ideas alive by adding visual interest and making it easy for viewers to remember what they saw or read about. It also makes complicated information easier for consumers to digest because they're able to follow along with animation more easily than other forms of media such as video or text.


Users signed up and using the product


Individual teams, including corporations, small businesses, and non-profits


Time zones represented across the world (yes—there are more than 24!)


It's been shown that animated TV ads are more memorable and produce a better reaction than their live-action counterparts.

Using simple icons and kinetic typography this short video showcases why Acton Toyota does things differently than other car dealers. The video speaks to their audience through animation, kinetic typography, and humor. Subtle animations along with animated text proved to be an effective way to convey information faster than just an ad with static images. Animation is a great way to grab your audience's attention and make them want to learn more. It can also be used in a variety of different ways, from entertaining the viewer, to teaching them something new.

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